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Walker Douglas photo
Walker Douglas AIA

Walker is a highly experienced architect with over 16 years of professional practice in the field. He obtained his Master in Architecture from the University of Kansas in 2008. Throughout his career, Walker has showcased his expertise across diverse building types, including private residential, mixed use, commercial business, manufacturing, treatment centers, group homes, and mercantile projects.

With a passion for problem-solving, Walker thrives on collaborating with fellow professionals to identify and implement appropriate solutions to the complex challenges presented by each project. He possesses a keen eye for architectural details, demonstrating a meticulous approach to design and execution.

Beyond his professional commitments, Walker cherishes quality time with his family and engages in personal interests that include playing golf and woodworking. These pursuits not only contribute to his well-rounded lifestyle but also inform his design sensibilities, fostering creativity and precision in his architectural work.

Connor Treanor photo

Connor Treanor AIA


Chris Cunningham photo
Chris Cunningham AIA


Sarah Cauthon photo
Sarah Cauthon LEED AP

Project Manager

Hayden Donaldson photo
Hayden Donaldson
Architectural Designer
Walker Douglas photo
Walker Douglas

Project Manager

Whitney Lang photo
Whitney Lang AIA

Studio Manager

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Lauren Ostrow
Office Manager
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Yoon Soung AIA LEED AP


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John Moss Sunn

Architectural Designer